Making Good Calls™ in Child Welfare

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Making Good Calls™ is what we all want to do within our organizations. And within Child Welfare some of the first decisions that have to be made come from receiving the initial report of child maltreatment. In this course our team will provide practical tools that you can immediately use in your case work.

Instructors for this Course

“I have over 20 years of experience working with children and families in crisis situations. A high-quality intake is critical as it provides the foundation for the case and helps to prevent further harm and danger for a child. I believe strongly courses such as this one will help to improve skills and decisions for intake workers.”

Dr. Kevin Marino

REAL Academy Founder

Dee Hunt

Head Instructor

Dee has a ton of expertise working for the State of North Carolina as a primary trainer in addition to her long career as a case worker.

Ryan Fogarty

Student Engagement Director

Ryan teaches on the strategy behind the tools and the practical application of them in case work.

Dr. Tanya Westbrook

Core Instructor

Tanya supports our team as one of our partners from Western Carolina University. She brings a wealth of Child Welfare knowledge.